Perrier Jouet

Perrier Jouet champagne
The Perrier-Jouet company, based in Epernay, was born in 1811 thanks to Pierre Nicolas Marie Perrier and his wife Adele Jouet, the wines produced immediately obtained excellent results, so much so that already in 1813, it exported its first bottles in Great Britain and in 1837 he began selling his prestigious Champagne in the United States. For Perrier-Jouët, with its almost two centuries old savoir-faire, the elaboration of Champagne is an art, that of introducing the most advanced technologies for perfect and absolute control from the fermentation of the musts to the time of harvest. Then it is the art of pairing Champagne in cellars. Those of Perrier-Jouët are a real model: vaulted tunnels dug directly into the plaster, on three levels that extend for about 10 kilometers. It is there, at a depth of 15 meters, that twelve million bottles mature for years, at the ideal temperature of 11 ° C.